AV-Dnepr – audiovisual company, system integrator

Our specialization is audiovisual equipment: projectors, interactive displays, video conferencing systems, audio equipment, LED screens, robotics, voting systems, systems for simultaneous translation, etc.

The main office is located in the city of Dnipro, we work throughout Ukraine.

Activities of AV-Dnepr:


Benefits of working with AV-Dnepr:

▬ a wide range of products
▬ a wide selection of additional equipment and accessories
▬ selection of equipment for a specific task is performed by highly qualified specialists
▬ many years of experience in this field
▬ the ability to install and configure equipment by AV-Dnepr experts
▬ we are trusted to equip the premises with audiovisual equipment and technical support for events is enormous number of establishments
 ▬ an integrated approach to solving each problem
 ▬ we implement and use only high-quality certified and official equipment during integration
 ▬ individual approach to each Client regardless of the project budget

Our solutions:

▬ home cinemas
▬ interactive systems in educational institutions (interactive whiteboards and displays, voting systems)
▬ car theaters
▬ equipment for cinemas, theaters, concert venues
▬ equipment for office premises with equipment for presentations, video conferencing, conference
calls связи equipment for simultaneous translation, voting and testing of various institutions
▬ installation of audio systems and video displays in business centers, conference rooms, shopping centers, restaurants
▬ visual solutions for medical institutions, situation centers
▬ integration of the smart home
▬ installation of a video surveillance system
▬ robotics
▬ complex system “interactive shooting range ”
▬ equipment for language laboratories in educational institutions
▬ we provide equipment for rent for various events (presentations, seminars, concerts, video shows, etc.)
▬ post-warranty repair of projectors and audiovisual equipment

Contacts AV-Dnepr

The address:

Dnipro city, st. Prince Yaroslav the Wise 59

 (in the past: Dnepropetrovsk, 59 Leningradskaya St.)


(056) 767 21 73

Cell phones:

(095) 342 04 42

(098) 442 67 43

(063) 771 00 86

(094) 910 91 73


Viber:  0637710086

Telegram:  +380637710086

WhatsApp:  +380637710086

Skype:  avispasha


e-mail:  sales@av-dnepr.com.ua

e-mail:  av.int.dnepr@gmail.com

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